Our Sunday Gatherings


Our Vision Framework

THE MISSION // what we do
Making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood.

THE VISION // where we are going
Joining GOD as HE makes all things new.

THE VALUES // what guides us

Our hearts yearn to see the life of GOD invade and transform the broken places.

We choose to recognize the dignity of each person, caring for and upholding them as people who matter to GOD

We long to boldly be who GOD has made us to be - unhindered by limitations and unafraid of change, failure, or fun.


Our Team

Brett Engel
Barnabas Fund

Christine Engel
Deacon | Communication

Brian Fulton
Elder | Teaching & Vision

Lauren McKeen
Deacon | Administration

Robby Schwindt
Elder | Prayer 

Phil Winkleman
Deacon | Host Team

Peter Wenzel 
Deacon | Kid Kingdom

Kendra Wenzel 

Tiffany Wong
Deacon | Social Media

Laura Jones
High School Ministry